Save tons of time searching for the perfect palette with these earth-inspired color combinations. I’ve hand-selected some of my favorite photos and created color palettes for you to save you headaches and hair-pulling.

I chose to do this collection because the earth that we live on gives us more than we need when looking for color inspiration. Just think of all of the colors in a forest; now think of all of the colors in that same forest during autumn. The combinations are endless, but I’ve done my best to find some that might just fit your project! Check them out below:

1. Morning Due Hues

2. Nicaragua Nature Vibes

3. Hazy Gray & Blue

4. Swiss Alps Colors

5. Mexican Hat, USA Hues

6. Canyon Color Show

7. Sea Between Blues

8. Camp Fire Colors

9. Clay & Cool Blue

10. Calm Cool Colors

11. Smooth Soothin’

12. True Treetop Colors

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